Alessandra Ambrosio and Richard Lee breakup after two-year romance

Alessandra Ambrosio and Richard Lee breakup after two-year romance

Alessandra Ambrosio and Richard Lee’s love flame fizzling out.

Alessandra Ambrosio and Richard Lee, have reportedly hit a rocky patch in their relationship, causing them to take a break from their two-year romance.

Alessandra Ambrosio, has been making headlines recently, but not for her dazzling appearances on the catwalk.

According to inside sources, the couple’s busy schedules have kept them apart this summer, leaving Alessandra spending quality time with friends and her beloved children while Richard focuses on his work. 

Although she has expressed fondness for Richard, insiders aren’t entirely sure if the couple will reconcile. 

The source noted, “She has always been really fond of him, so maybe they will work it out, but who knows? They have been apart for months now, so it’s not likely.”

Their dwindling time together became evident when Richard was notably absent from Alessandra’s summer adventures in Ibiza and the 15th birthday celebration of her daughter, Anja, last month.

The last time the pair was spotted together was in mid-June on a Santa Monica beach, where they seemed more like friends than romantic partners, casting doubt on the state of their relationship. 

Their social media profiles have also reflected this disconnect, with their last shared posts dating back to January when they were vacationing with Alessandra’s family at the Montage Deer Valley ski resort in Park City.

Their romance began in January 2021, and they have weathered their fair share of ups and downs since then. 

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