Apple Seeds watchOS 6 Golden Master to Developers – Mac Rumors


This requires iOS 13. Considering the sorry state iOS 13 GM is in (mail issues), no thanks. I’ll wait until 13.1 is released to the public to install both.

anyone have the build number for the gm ?



Took 40 minutes to download (Series 4) at 1.3 GB from Beta 9. Once it got to “installing” took literally 2 minutes to finish. Already booted back up.

Article should be updated to reflect that the GM is only for series 3 and 4.

I checked my series 2, which has a dev profile and beta 9 or whatever installed and it claims it’s up to date.

I think series 2 and older will truly have to wait till the end of the month for wOS 6 GM.

what are the chances the GM bricks my watch? not a dev but im running 13.1 on my ios stuff.

The same level of risk if you waited a week for the public release of the GM. The GM will be the exact same file that’s released to the public.

Footnote on

“** watchOS 6 will be available for Apple Watch Series 1 and Apple Watch Series 2 later this fall.”

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