Ashley Tisdale faces lawsuit after Hollywood car accident

Ashley Tisdale faces lawsuit after Hollywood car accident

Ashley Tisdale faces lawsuit over Hollywood car crash, denies allegations.

Ashley Tisdale finds herself in the legal spotlight as she is sued over a car accident she allegedly caused, although her team vehemently denies the claims. 

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, a woman named Lina Gonzales is pursuing legal action against the actress, asserting that she suffered injuries stemming from a collision that occurred in September of the previous year. 

Lina alleges a range of damages, including wage loss, medical expenses, and intriguingly, “loss of love and protection,” as she seeks damages from the court.

Lina’s attorney, Michael R. Parker, elaborates on the incident, stating that it transpired on Hollywood Blvd. while Lina was waiting in the left-turn lane to make a left-hand turn. 

Allegedly, Ashley Tisdale changed lanes and collided with Lina’s vehicle. Parker further claims that, following the collision, Ashley made a scene and allegedly resorted to name-calling.

According to Parker, the accident resulted in severe neck and back injuries for Lina, coupled with approximately $140,000 in medical expenses. 

He asserts that he previously demanded $600,000 in compensation from Tisdale, a demand that was declined, leading to this new lawsuit.

In response, a representative for Ashley Tisdale refutes the allegations, asserting that there was no hostility or exchange of words from Ashley after the accident.

They emphasize that the two parties exchanged information and moved forward following the incident. 

The lawsuit now sets the stage for a legal battle to determine the outcome of this car accident dispute.

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