Banish The Bloat: 5 Tips To Enjoy Alcohol Guilt-Free And Prevent Bloating After

Banish The Bloat: 5 Tips To Enjoy Alcohol Guilt-Free And Prevent Bloating After

We’ve all been there – waking up from a night of heavy drinking and regretting it at that very moment. The nausea, dehydration, and heavy headedness can be quite uncomfortable. Another kind of discomfort that we feel is bloating. We find ourselves burping and experiencing pain around our belly, all as a result of our drinking adventure last night. Did you end up chugging your drink, or did you forget to have enough water? These things may look like they don’t make a difference, but in fact, they are the reasons why you feel discomfort the next morning. To prevent feeling bloated in the future, here are some essential tips you must keep in mind while drinking.
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Here Are 5 Tips To Prevent Alcohol Bloating:

1. Make sure to have water

Most people skip drinking water when drinking alcohol. It may sound counterintuitive to drink another liquid while you’re already drinking one, but consuming water in between your drinks helps flush out toxins and prevents you from feeling bloated. You can even drink water prior to drinking. If you end up drinking too much, water will also save you from feeling hungover the next morning.

2. Drink slowly

Do you have a habit of gulping down your drinks really quickly? If yes, it’s time to stop doing so. When we chug a drink quickly, we also end up swallowing a lot of air, which can result in bloating. Always drink slowly and have some company along to relish your drink and not gulp it down without savouring its taste. The slower you drink, the better it’ll be for your stomach.

3. Avoid salty foods

Alcoholic drinks feel incomplete if we do not have scrumptious snacks to relish along with them. Sadly, most of these popular snacking options are high in salt, such as peanuts, nachos, kebabs, etc. Having salty snacks is a big no-no, as it can lead to water retention and cause severe bloating. Stay away from salty foods as much as possible and opt for healthier snacks such as salads or roasted makhana.
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4. Avoid carbonated cocktails

If you want to prevent alcohol bloating, you must also avoid drinking carbonated cocktails or alcoholic beverages such as beer. These drinks already contain too much gas and sugar, and consuming them will only make you bloat more. Opt for drinks that do not have any added soda. Also, avoid mixing your drinks, as this can further elevate the problem.

5. Ginger to the rescue

Ginger is not only a remedy for a sore cough and cold but can also help prevent alcohol bloating. Sucking on some ginger right before you head out to drink or even drinking some ginger tea can do wonders to keep bloating at bay. A compound called gingerol present in ginger aids in digestion, thus preventing uneasiness after drinking and eating.

Now that you know of these tips, keep them in mind the next time you go out drinking to keep bloating issues at bay. 

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