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Building Owners Turn to Continuous Disinfection Technology to Bring People Back to Work – Commercial Observer

Building Owners Turn to Continuous Disinfection Technology to Bring People Back to Work - Commercial Observer

States across the country are looking to reopen businesses safely in areas where COVID-19 is on the decline. However, as we move toward a new business as usual, industries will need to be strategic and proactive to ensure that their employees and the public stay safe as we look to ease the lock-downs and PPE requirements to get people back to work. Office buildings, hospitals, airports, schools and campuses, concert venues, sports arenas, hotels and casinos, among many other destinations, are planning and investing in health technologies to stay viable in a future where people are going to be more selective and cautious about where they go. The New York market is no exception, and real estate owners are increasingly looking to ionization technology to get their tenants and teams back to work.

Clean Air, Clean Surfaces

Many real estate owners, occupiers and facility managers across the globe are investing in large-scale indoor environmental disinfection technologies to keep people safe from pathogens and provide reassurance in the places where we live, work, eat, play, cheer and relax.  But not all air purification is equally effective, and today bi-polar ionization is the most sought-after and cost-effective solution being adopted across all major real estate asset classes.

Rather than pull air through a filter, which is costly, uses more energy and fails to sanitize equally throughout a large space, bi-ionization ionization air pufication systems work with your existing HVAC system to release natural ions into the air. These ions travel into occupied spaces, bind with contaminants and pathogens, including coronaviruses, and break them down. Through naturally occurring chemistry, the contaminants are disinfected, and the air is purified to the level seen in most natural environments.

This phenomenon occurs constantly outdoors, and this technology, offered exclusively by AtmosAir, mimics this process indoors, particularly in shared and public spaces, where air quality is notoriously contaminated.

Proven and Effective

Bi-polar ionization is vetted and endorsed by Dr. Phil Tierno at NYU Langone, among others, as an effective solution to remove up to 99 percent of pathogens in the air and on surfaces, even in large stadium venues and open offices. It has been adopted by a growing number of asset owners, from the Staples Center the Dallas Cowboys, and the University of Virginia to built environment leaders JLL, CBRE, Avison Young and Gensler, among more than 7,000 others worldwide.

In New York City, major asset owners and occupiers are realizing the benefits of AtmosAir’s technology, including a growing list that includes, just to name a few, Brookfield’s 250 Vesey Street, the Empire State Building Observatory, Empire State Realty Trust’s One Grand Central Place, Kamber Management’s Tower 45, as well as at headquarters for the NBA and NFL, Comcast, the Alvin Ailey Theater studios and offices, NYU Langone, the Hyatt’s Andaz Wall Street Hotel and an array of SoulCycle locations.

The simple truth is that bi-polar ionization, which can be measured and verified continuously, is a minimally invasive and low-cost way to signal to occupants and visitors that a building or office is a safe place to be, which is going to be a huge value-add as businesses and investors look to emerge from this pandemic positioned for success.

Monitor the Health of Your Building

The average adult breathes in 11,500 liters of air per day. For office occupants, workers must feel confident in the quality of air before returning to work, and staff rotations, phased reentries, bans on nonessential travel and social distancing are proactive strategies, but they are not long-term solutions.

AtmosAir offers leading real-time air quality monitoring systems that sync both with the ionization technologies and with a building’s IT infrastructure, providing encrypted data, notifications and reports through self-calibrating sensors that monitor for chemical and biological contaminants to ensure you are a step ahead of health risks.

Different sectors will require tailored strategies for the workforce and the public, but the key will be a long-term investment in safety. Ionization technology is here to help bring us back together.

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