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DSU business program recognized as 2020 Program of the Year – The Dickinson Press


The program has received high praise from its current students and local supporters and program graduates have a high rate of immediate employment.

“The school of business and entrepreneurship has always been a strong presence at DSU,” Lori Hauf, assistant professor of business at DSU, said. “Our enrollment has always stood strong, and we’ve had successful graduation rates and successful retention. I think we make a pretty good team up there.

“I think we all have the same vision of providing the best education, best services to our students that we possibly can,” Hauf added. “Sometimes you have to go off the grid a little bit to provide that extra personal moment with them … we just really work with our students to get them the degree that they need in the shortest amount of time.”

One of the best perks of being within the business and entrepreneurship program, particularly at Dickinson State, is not just the graduation rate but the employment rates for those who graduate as a Blue Hawk.

“I think the satisfaction that knowing when they graduate from DSU, that there is a job out there waiting for them; our graduation rates are very high,” Hauf said. “Knowing that we’re contributing to that student and shaping them into a business professional is very gratifying.”

During the most recent spring semester and the coronavirus pandemic, Hauf described what made the program so successful, even in such stressful times.

“We really made the students feel like they were still in the classroom, even though they were home,” Hauf said. “We offer our complete degree online, and we did previously to COVID-19 so the transition for professors in our department was a very, very smooth transition, switching from teaching online or teaching at home because of the different modalities that we are able to offer.

“We offer online courses; we offer what we call, ‘Live Online,’ which gives the student the options of either synchronous or asynchronous, and then we offered the face-to-face, which wasn’t available after late February. But I think that really helped that we were able to teach in the same capacity that we did face-to-face, with those students online.”

Hauf added the program is preparing multiple situations for the upcoming 2020-21 school year, based on COVID-19, to continue to bring success to students in the classroom.

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