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Never a week goes by without Epic Games adding something new to Fortnite. In the past month alone, we’ve seen the Storm Flip, Proximity Grenade Launcher and even an Air Jordan 1 collaboration. As you’d expect from a Battle Royale game, most of the new items are destructive, designed to damage your opponent(s) and ensure you’re the last person standing. Today’s update, however, concentrates on another important aspect of the game: healing.

Fortnite has traditionally required players to hold and use their own healing items, be it a Bandage, Med Kit, Slurp Juice or Chug Jug. With the new Chug Splash, players can heal either themselves or up to three of their teammates by simply throwing it at their feet. Think AoE (Area Of Effect) healing, rather than deselecting your weapon and hiding in order to restore your health.

Epic says the Chug Splash will deal 20 health points to each player it touches. If the player has maximum health, it’ll grant shield points instead. But be warned, they will also grant enemies the same benefits if they happen to be in the splash radius. Although the item drops in stacks of two, as many as six can be carried at one time.

In a bid to balance the game, Epic has made a number of changes to some of its most effective weapons. The Combat Shotgun is now less effective at medium and long distances, seeing a 10 percent and 20 percent reduction in damage respectively. Gone also are the Boom Bow, Dual Pistols and Dynamite, which appears to be in response to calls from the community to reduce the number of explosives available to players.

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