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Getting to the Next Normal in Government Technology – Security Boulevard

Getting to the Next Normal in Government Technology - Security Boulevard

This past week, one headline at MarketWatch.com proclaimed: A great technology wave is cresting over America because of the pandemic — and it’s largely a good thing. Here’s an opening excerpt:

“If history can teach us anything, it’s that pandemics have a long-lasting and severe effect on the economy. But there’s another lesson: Human ingenuity and adaptation march on.

The deadly coronavirus may have shut down a large number of American businesses and forced many people to work from home, but it’s also the driving force behind the acceleration of technological adoption.

New technologies are being rapidly adopted. Even after there’s a vaccine for the coronavirus, those trends will be here to stay, remodeling society for years to come. …”

But backing-up a bit, the coming “new normal” was obvious during the early days of the pandemic. MIT’s Technology Review wrote on March 17, 2020: “We’re not going back to normal. …”

Berkeley.edu wrote about how education will change as a result of the pandemic.

And the Houston Chronicle described how technology will change us after the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Quote: “Now, by avoiding a virus for which humanity has no natural immunity, these changes are accelerating. The internet has become a critical factor in coping with the coronavirus pandemic. And when this is over — whenever that might be — we will come out of this changed, more reliant that ever on being connected. …”

The Government Technology Road Ahead

So what does this “next normal,” include for state and local government professionals, and how can leaders navigate the road ahead?

I want to dedicate this blog to highlighting a new resource that was just developed by The Center for Digital Government, under the joint leadership of Teri Takai and Phil Bertolini.

 The (Read more…)

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