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How Technology Can Optimize The Hybrid Workspace – AllWork.Space

How Technology Can Optimize The Hybrid Workspace - AllWork.Space

There is no returning to the pre-pandemic workplace. Because of this, business leaders must figure out how to take the lessons learned over the past year and modernize their workplace arrangements.

It’s important to note that this doesn’t mean that companies will become fully remote or in-person. In fact, the future of the workplace will likely be a hybrid of these two ways of working in a way that optimizes productivity and focuses on the wellbeing of employees.

A survey of global workers found that a measly 2% want to work in the office full-time and only 6% want to work remotely full-time. On the flip side, a staggering 92% want a hybrid work arrangement.

So what strategies will companies need to implement in order to adjust to this combined method of operating?

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Digitization will be crucial to this approach as it aids in making the office safer and clean, while keeping employees engaged and connected.

For instance, technology can help with tracking time and meeting attendance, as well as automating the gathering and sharing of data to make operations run more seamlessly.

Additionally, technological tools can help ensure that work areas have been sanitized after use, occupancy levels stay low and that workers stay distanced.

On-demand workspaces could see an uptick with the adoption of hybrid working as employees are not tied to one specific desk throughout the week. Using an app, employees can see what workspaces are available, and book accordingly.

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