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How To Turn Your Experiences Into A Coaching Business – Forbes


If there’s a calling on your heart to start coaching, it’s likely because you’ve learned valuable pieces of advice through your lived experiences. You know you can help others because of what you’ve learned and implemented into your own life – and, you’re ready to heed the call and begin a coaching business. 

Your services are needed. There are many celebrities who swear by the power of a life coach, such as Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams, Leonardo DiCaprio, and more. Life coaches can help in a variety of areas in life: maximizing your potential, adjusting work-life balance, finding business success and reaching profitability, or just helping you to get closer to your goals. If you’ve unlocked magic in your own life through your experiences and what you’ve learned, it’s more than likely that others can learn from you and grow from you. Here’s how to turn your lived experiences into a coaching business.

How To Turn Your Experiences Into A Coaching Business | Stephanie Burns

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1. Lean On Your Story

If you’ve never coached before, your biggest credibility factor is simply your own story. First, it’s important to have confidence in that. You may not have proof beyond yourself, yet – but you are still proof. One way to ease into coaching is to invite a few clients into a lower priced beta program, and see how you can help them. Even then, you need to be able to establish trust from the start. We establish trust through authentic storytelling.

Gabrielle Dolan, a keynote speaker and mentor, wrote that “Good stories make us feel something as we listen to them –excitement, anger, sadness, empathy or enthusiasm. Consequently, feeling these emotions means we feel something towards the person telling the story, which helps to create connection and build relationships.” Begin to tell your story by all means necessary. Get on camera and film a video that you can put on your website and your social pages. Take pen to paper and get into reflection mode. This will help others connect with you.

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2. Turn Your Biggest Transformations Into Step-By-Step Processes

Now, there were likely a few transformations in your lived experiences that really became defining moments. Maybe they were small decisions for habit implementation, such as opting to meditate for an hour every morning. Or, maybe they were far bigger – such as finally getting help after a longtime addiction. Reflect on these transformations. How did you make them?

One way or another, you’re going to have to teach your clients to do the same in their own lives. So, start to break it down. If you were to do it over again, what would be the steps you’d take? Lewis Raymond Taylor, a coach and international speaker, cured himself of his mental illnesses and bounced back after an addiction that landed him in a rehab center and consequently that sent him to prison for 18 months. “I had to think through my mindset, and what compelled me to turn my life around,” he told me. “It’s going to be different for every person, but the more you can get into the minds and hearts of those you are trying to serve, the more you will be able to assist them in their own transformation.”

3. Compile A List Of Resources

What resources helped you most? Maybe it was a book that changed your life, or a podcast episode. Compile this list and offer them for free on your website. This will help potential clients the minute they peruse your site – but it can also help your credibility. By compiling the ultimate resource list, it shows you’ve done your homework and committed to change in your own life. Luckily, this shouldn’t take more than an hour to compile. Since this is based on your lived experiences, draw on memories. Maybe even add in a little note with each resource recommendation about how it helped you, and when in your life it served you most.

4. Consider What You Would’ve Needed Most Back Then

Finally, remember you’re helping people who are standing where you once stood. Take a time machine back to those moments. What did you need most? What would’ve given you the magic answers or magic motivation? Go through this reflection to determine how best you can help others right now. 

One way to do this is by having an imaginary conversation with your past self. What were the biggest limiting beliefs, thought processes, and concerns you had back then? How can you address those, knowing what you know now? This will skyrocket your efficiency in helping others through coaching. 

Remember, the very best coaches are those who have been through it themselves. Experience is the best teacher, and will help you to help your clients in powerful ways.

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