Idalia leaves behind trail of damage in Florida

Idalia leaves behind trail of damage in Florida

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    Idalia leaves behind trail of damage in Florida



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    Houston school district announces plan to eliminate 28 libraries


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    Biden pledges $95 million to strengthen Hawaii’s electric grid after Maui wildfires


  • 1693436913644 nn kpa where is idalia tracking next 230830 1920x1080 qcki0e

    What’s next for Tropical Storm Idalia? South Carolina braces for flooding


  • 1693436905869 nn tll idalia makes landfall as category 3 storm 230830 1920x1080 4d5iir

    Idalia hits Florida’s Big Bend as Category 3 hurricane


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    Head of Spanish Football Federation facing growing pressure to resign after kissing star player


  • 1693350543417 nn tll idalia brings life threatening storm surge 230829 1920x1080 cnmyn6

    Florida braces for Hurricane Idalia to make landfall


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    Helicopter crashes in South Florida while responding to traffic accident, killing two


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    Judge denies Trump’s request to delay federal election interference trial until after 2024 race


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    Security guard speaks out after Jacksonville mass shooting


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    Florida preparing for Tropical Storm Idalia to hit shores


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    Lahaina after-school program offers a path to healing through surfing


Idalia made landfall in Keaton Beach, Florida as a Category 3 hurricane and while the storm surge wasn’t as brutal as expected – the wind was. NBC News’ Gabe Gutierrez reports from the ground on the damage done by the storm.

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