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Ingenious Technology to Turn Waste into Profit and Maximize Recovery: See Our Newly Updated Website for BCR's Diverse Set of Green, Clean and Sustainable, Industrial Oriented Solutions. – PRNewswire


JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — BCR Inc. (https://bcrinc.com/) recently announced it had overhauled its website to better serve current and future industrial customers, offering easily understood technical descriptions and product information, along with downloadable assets. A new custom quote request also allows customers to work through available options and receive quotes that are tailored to specific projects. BCR is the industry leading provider in advanced technologies for continuous flow indirect heating and cooling with screw type heat exchangers.  Used around the world for over 90 years, this versatile technology is capable of heating or cooling everything from Apples to Zinc.

“BCR is proud to advance our efforts in supporting our diverse industrial client base with a more informative and interactive industrial website,” said Josh Scott, President and CEO of BCR. “We wanted the new features to be uniquely useful to our customers, both streamlined and easy to process. BCR has always partnered with its customer base in order to understand their specific needs, which can vary widely case-by-case depending on each client’s thermal processing goals. Thus, our technologies are cutting-edge solutions that are both exciting and exclusively deployed for each client.”  

BCR:  Innovative Solutions for Demanding Challenges

BCR provides a wide range of Industrial and Municipal solutions used in many different industries, applications and processes around the world. https://bcrinc.com/industrial

  • Holo-Scru™ and Electric-Scru™ Thermal Processors: Multiple Products and Solutions for calcining, cooking, crystalizing, drying, heating, pyrolyzing, thermal desorption, and torrefaction. The Thermal Processors offer safe, reliable and efficient technology for custom-configured applications where heat must be added or removed from solids, sludge, or slurries. Screw-type heat exchanger technology that is continuous, indirectly heated, or cooled to facilitate continual thermal processing with precise temperature control to ensure material are never degraded or contaminated.
  • CleanB® Technology: An EPA-approved process that treats Waste Activated Sludge and other organic wastes onsite on a semi-continuous basis to produce Class B biosolids.
  • BIO-SCRU® Biosolids Dryer System: Safe, energy-efficient, continuous drying of biosolids to Class A requirements.
  • Neutralizer®: Safe, PFRP-certified and cost-effective solutions for municipal wastewater treatment plants.

For the latest innovations in thermal processing or to learn more about the variety of solutions available, go online. Or follow BCR on social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube.

About BCR Environmental Corporation

BCR is well known for being an innovator and leader in the municipal biosolids sector and it’s thermal heating and cooling technology has a long, successful track record in industrial applications. BCR is continually innovating and transforming the way industry recovers resources, improves efficiently and closes the circle through technology to tackle process-stream challenges – in a better way. Learn more at: www.BCRInc.com.

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