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Innovations in Health Technology: Telehealth – AAMC

Innovations in Health Technology: Telehealth - AAMC

Telehealththe use of technology to deliver care at a distanceoffers unique opportunities and poses potential risks for academic medicine.

Telehealth use has risen dramatically as health systems look for ways to provide care while protecting providers and patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. As we reassess what health care looks like in a world living with COVID-19, it is crucial that we understand how telehealth impacts medical education and training, the delivery system and its workforce, and patients’ access to care. Additionally, the research mission of academic medicine will have an outsized role in evaluating the impact of telehealth services on quality, costs, and outcomes of care. 

This collection of resources:

  • Highlights how the AAMC and its members are implementing and using telehealth to provide high-quality care and improve access; 
  • Provides regulatory support for telehealth at health care institutions, including education about recent updates; 
  • Shares learnings across academic medicine about telehealth implementation and training; and
  • Uncovers insights from research and other literature about the impact of telehealth on access and workforce.

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