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International association honors doctors using REMS technology – PRNewswire


SEATTLE, Jan. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Echolight Medical is honored that a group of esteemed doctors using its REMS technology has been granted the Young Investigator Award by the International Society for Clinical Densitometry (ISCD) in May 2020. 

The abstract Use of REMS technology in patients with spine artifacts: A new diagnostic opportunity investigates REMS (Radiofrequency Echographic Multi Spectrometry) technology as a more accurate way to assess vertebral bone mineral density (BMD) compared with DXA technology (the current industry standard) for patients with spinal artifacts and such conditions as osteoarthritis, arthrosis, vertebral fractures and vertebroplasty (all of which are known to result in overestimation of bone mineral density when calculated by traditional DXA).

In the study (authored by Drs. Tomai Pitinca, C. Caffarelli, S. Gonnelli), patients who underwent both examinations showed that REMS measurements in the lumbar spine were lower than DXA measurements in the same location, which indicates that REMS technology can be a highly reliable method of examination in the evaluation of BMD and fracture risk in patients with spinal artifacts.

“This study confirms REMS technology directly improves the diagnostic capabilities for osteoarthritis and other spinal conditions,” said Echolight VP Alex Exposito. “And the enhanced capabilities created by REMS make it the first point-of-care solution to diagnose and monitor bone health outside of the traditional hospital or radiology environment.”

Echolight’s flagship REMS device, the EchoS, is the first clinically available method for the direct non-ionizing measurement of BMD at the axial sites, which provides significantly quicker results that lead to more effective early-stage diagnosis. The EchoS is highly sensitive to bone mass changes which enables long-term monitoring for those with bone disorders (as well as athletes recovering from bone-related injuries and surgeries).

About ISCD: ISCD is an international network of industry professionals with more than 2,700 individual members from over 25 countries – collaborating to advance excellence in the assessment of musculoskeletal health through education, certification, and accreditation. The musculoskeletal health profession’s global voice, the society represents all professions who provide quality musculoskeletal health assessments and therapies to those living with osteoporosis and bone disorders. Information at https://ISCD.org. 

About EchoS: Portable, diagnostic, radiation-free bone health densitometer – a safe, accurate, and cost-effective medical device elevating bone health awareness and treatment to mainstream medical care. FDA-cleared, EchoS uses Radiofrequency Echographic Multi Spectrometry (REMS) to measure bone density; and provides T-score, Z-score, and a qualitative assessment of bone microarchitecture, independent of bone density, to predict future fracture risk – all provided in minutes. Learn more at EcholightMedical.com. 

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