Kate Middleton to become Britain’s first literate Queen with a ‘university degree’

Kate Middleton to become Britain’s first literate Queen with a ‘university degree’

Kate Middleton was reportedly not given enough credit as she was often compared to the likes of other royals like Princess Diana, Queen Camilla and Queen Elizabeth II.

Christopher Andersen spoke to Fox News Digital about the struggles that the Duchess of Cambridge faced when she was first catapulted into the public eye.

Shedding light on her family background, Andersen compared Middleton to her other royal counterparts and said that due to the lack of royal blood in the Princess of Wales’ family, she often appeared to be less.

“Kate Middleton is always being compared to Princess Diana, Queen Camilla, even the late Queen Elizabeth II,” he said.

“Don’t forget, all those women were born to the purple,” Andersen shared.

Speaking about her background, the royal author said that because Kate’s family came from a background of coal miners, it dampened her comparison of ever being true royalty in comparison to Princess Diana, who was born into a family of aristocrats.

“Diana was a Spencer, which meant she came from a long line of powerful and wealthy aristocrats,” he said. 

“Camilla is the granddaughter of a baron. And from the age of 10, Elizabeth knew that she would someday be queen. Kate, however, is a descendant of coal miners. Her mother grew up in public housing and worked as a flight attendant.”

Furthermore, he elaborated that the Princess of Wales was the only future queen with a degree, an MA in History of Art from St Andrews University, which highlighted how Middleton had to carve out her own path away from her ‘commoner’ image. 

“Not only will she be the first truly commoner queen, but she will be the first queen with a university degree.”

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