Laderach’s Artisanal Swiss Chocolates Find A Home In Delhi’s DLF Emporio

Laderach’s Artisanal Swiss Chocolates Find A Home In Delhi’s DLF Emporio

Delhi, known for its rich food culture, just got a little sweeter with the arrival of Läderach, the Swiss chocolate connoisseur, at DLF Emporio. Imagine stepping into a world of chocolate wonder where every treat promises an indulgent escape. Läderach’s lineup is a tantalising symphony of chocolate bars, truffle assortments, pralines, and enormous slabs of FrischSchoggi, their exclusive creation adorned with nuts and berries. Flavours? Think almond, pistachio, raspberry-blackberry, pink pepper-strawberry, salted caramel, and even chocolate-coated popcorn – it’s a chocolate lover’s dream come true!

After conquering the Middle East, the US, the UK, and Canada, Läderach has joined hands with India’s FMCG giant, Dharampal Satyapal Foods (DS Foods), to mark its Indian debut at DLF Emporio Mall in New Delhi. Rajiv Kumar, Vice Chairman of DS Group, is thrilled about this new addition, stating, “The first exclusive Läderach store at DLF Emporio is set to become Delhi’s chocolate haven. We’re excited to offer our customers an unparalleled chocolate experience.”
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The group has big plans, aiming to open 5-7 exclusive boutiques across the country in the next two years.
Läderach, born in 1962, is a family affair that has passionately crafted premium chocolate for over six decades, expanding its delectable footprint across more than 18 countries. A visit to their sleek, glass-fronted store, guided by chocolatier Elias Läderach (yes, he’s the third generation!), feels like a modern-day fairy tale – imagine the magic of “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory” coming to life. Elias’s love affair with chocolate began 35 years ago, growing up right above the chocolate production site. “As a child, I briefly considered becoming a gamekeeper, but fortunately, I chose a different path and pursued my education as a Patissier-Confectioner,” he fondly recalls. The store is a treasure trove of chocolate delights, from smaller pouches with an assortment of slabs to treats like chocolate-coated orange and ginger sticks – there’s something to make every chocoholic’s heart skip a beat.
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While talking to chocolatier Elias Läderach, we delve into the delicious reasons behind choosing Delhi as the brand’s debut market, the unique flavours tailored to tickle the Indian palate and the rich history that makes Läderach’s Swiss chocolate truly premium.
What sets Läderach apart? Their unwavering commitment to excellence starts with exclusive production in Switzerland. Elias emphasizes, “We produce our own chocolate, overseeing the entire process. Our secret sauce? The freshness of our products. Short shelf lives allow us to use top-notch ingredients like fresh butter and cream without needing preservatives.” In a world dominated by automation, Läderach stands as a champion of artisanal chocolate-making – it’s all about preserving quality and taste.
When it comes to sourcing ingredients, Elias spills the cocoa beans: “Our primary ingredient is cacao beans, sourced from Costa Rica, Ecuador, Trinidad, Brazil, Ghana, and Madagascar. As for other ingredients, we always choose the best quality available. For example, we source hazelnuts from Piedmont in Italy and milk from Switzerland.” Elias recognizes the need for innovation and staying on top of trends, from the growing demand for dark chocolate for health reasons to the call for vegan options.
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But why Delhi, you ask? Elias spills the cocoa beans again: “Many Indians already know us from their travels to Europe or North America and have been eagerly awaiting our arrival in India. We’re thrilled to open our first store here in partnership with DS Group and plan to establish 5-7 additional stores in the coming years, as long as the demand keeps pouring in.” Läderach remains dedicated to preserving its authentic flavours and is excited to explore the creativity the Indian market may inspire.
Elias Läderach also lets us in on the secret to savouring chocolate the right way – it’s a multisensory experience. “Sight, touch, sound, smell, and taste all play a role in the chocolate adventure, from admiring its appearance and texture to the delightful explosion of flavours on your taste buds,” he explained. 

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