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Learn “Why Inclusion And Accessibility Are Essential For Voice Technology” In Voice Talks Presented By Google Assistant On July 30 At 2 pm ET/11 am PT At voicetalks.ai – PRNewswire

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ARLINGTON, Va. and MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., July 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — VOICE Talks Presented by Google Assistant announces its fourth episode themed, “Why Inclusion and Accessibility are Essential for Voice Technology.” This upcoming premiere episode, hosted by Google Assistant’s Sofia Altuna, will feature interactive discussions with advocates for disabled rights and social justice from Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, Heidi Culbertson from Marvee and Team USA Para Powerlifter Garrison Redd and show how developers and partners are utilizing voice technology to work for all users with diverse backgrounds across the globe. The fourth livestream episode airs Thursday, July 30 at 2pm ET/11am PT on voicetalks.ai. Register for the show HERE.

“Inclusion shouldn’t be an afterthought,” says Annie Jean Baptiste, Head of Product Inclusion at Google and author of ‘Building for Everyone.’ “Race, gender, age, ability, education level, and geographic location are all dimensions of diversity that need to be considered in product development, and one that ambient computing, in particular, has prioritized.” 

Baptiste kicks off the program together with Beth Tsai, Policy Lead for Google Assistant and member of the company’s Trust & Safety team, who will demonstrate what Google is doing to foster inclusion and accessibility and share advice on how others can apply this thoughtful lens to their work. 

Speaking from the first-person experience, Garrison Redd, a TEDx speaker, USA para- powerlifter and advocate for disabled rights will have a candid conversation with Ivonne Salazar, director of corporate and foundation relations for the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, on how voice technology and accessibility are crucial for the disabled community and describe other resources and services needed in order to improve the quality of living for disabled individuals. 

“Voice technology has enabled me to live a more independent life,” said Garrison Redd. “It is a part of my daily routine and helps me keep track of my training and nutrition as well as turn the lights on and off and ensure that the doors are locked. It is an invaluable resource for me.”

For a Product Deep DiveCathy Pearl, head of conversation design outreach at Google and the author of the book “Designing Voice User Interfaces,” will show viewers how to implement multi-modal experiences that relate to inclusion and accessibility.  In her efforts to help everyone make the best conversational experiences possible, she will offer five design best practices to build in Google Assistant.

And to engage older adults, Heidi Culbertson, the founder of Marvee, will discuss how voice experiences can keep those ages 50 to 90 and above connected with others.

Each episode includes video submissions from the community. Submit videos here. Each live episode features interactive elements including the opportunity to ask questions live using #AskSofia, and selected video submissions from viewers. 

For any media inquiries, please contact, Liz Stein at [email protected].

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