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depressed millennial gen zMillennials suffer from burnout, depression, and loneliness.Dmitriy Bilous/Getty Images

Millennials are changing the way people look at and talk about mental health.

As part of World Mental Health Day, Business Insider took a look at the current mental health state of millennials (defined by the Pew Research Center as the cohort turning 23 to 38 in 2019). It doesn’t look pretty — depression and “deaths of despair” are both on the rise among the generation, linked to issues such as loneliness and money stress.

Millennials also feel their jobs have an outsize role in their overall mental health. Due to longer work hours and stagnant wages, millennials suffer from higher rates of burnout than other generations. Many of them have even quit their jobs for mental health reasons.

While some millennials can’t afford to get help, they’re more likely to go to therapy than previous generations, destigmatizing the concept in the process.

Here are 11 ways mental illness has plagued the millennial generation.

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