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M-Fire Holdings, LLC patents new technology to create novel approach to wildfire management – PRNewswire

M-Fire Holdings, LLC patents new technology to create novel approach to wildfire management - PRNewswire

Mighty Fire Breaker® wildfire protective mulch technology was created to assist townships, fire professionals and property owners to better manage and combat wildfires within the wildland urban interface (WUI): 

  • Creating fire-safe wildfire roadway exit/entry corridors for access by departments and evacuating residents – allowing for improved wildfire evacuation.
  • Protect wood electrical power utility poles from the destructive forces of wildfires.
  • Prevent embers igniting on treated surfaces and suppress the development of smoke from fires.
  • Eliminate contamination of underground water supplies, streams and the Pacific Ocean from toxic runoff produced when using conventional water-drenching methods to combat wildfire.

Listen to Steve Conboy, Founder and CEO, M-Fire Holdings discuss this new approach to wildfire management: Mighty Fire Breaker blog

Spray-applied and drying in minutes, Mighty Fire Breaker® wildfire protective mulch remains effective to provide protection even after a light summer rain during the season. Treated areas deliver protection against wildfire spreading and jumping across roadways during wildfire events.  Mighty Fire Breaker® patented wildfire protective mulch is made from a combination of natural cellulose wood fibers, water and a blend of natural additives. Might Fire Breaker® products carry the UL GREENGUARD® GOLD certification.  “Our wildfire protective mulch prevents fire spreading through the innovative use of free-radical breaking chemistry, passing rigorous laboratory testing to ensure its fire prevention effectiveness in the WUI environment.” Says Steve Conboy, Founder and CEO of M-Fire Holdings, LLC.

Combining spray technology with GPS mapping is the future of wildfire management

Mighty Fire Breaker® new wildfire defense mulch product is a companion technology to MFH’s recently patented GPS-guided clean-chemistry wildfire break formation and management technology providing wildfire management support to fire departments, utilities and private contractors across the USA.  Combining both spray and tracking information technologies, fire departments can now plan and implement engineered clean chemistry-based wildfire breaks. MFH’s mapping technology now enables fire departments, utility companies and private contractors to spray-apply and manage Mighty Fire Breaker® wildfire protective mulch onto ground surfaces where wildfire protection is required or desired. GPS tracking and mapping the time, date and location of the application in a cloud-based wireless information network for effective wildfire management purposes. Fire professionals can track, and map engineered fire breaks using enterprise-level cloud technology, providing critical information to field units.  When used together, GPS tracking and environmentally responsible chemistry wildfire breaks allows fire professionals to create an environment inhibiting a wildfire’s ability to advance in the direction of prevailing winds.  Applying Mighty Fire Breaker protective mulch in advance prevents wind-driven embers from jumping across roadways, advancing the wildfire front.

Environmentally responsible and effective approach to wildfire management

Innovative and environmentally responsible wildfire defense technologies are now available through M-Fire Holdings, LLC. I have communicated to fire professionals throughout California that in these days of scarce resources and uncertainty around COVID-19, proactively deploying these new technologies will protect property and lives from the devasting effects wildfires. This is especially important because we have witnessed firsthand the effects of rapidly advancing wildfire within the wildland urban interface in your jurisdictions.  In the words of Benjamin Franklin, ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.'” said Steve Conboy, founder and CEO, M-Fire Holdings, LLC.

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About M-Fire Holdings, LLC

M-Fire Holdings, LLC, https://mightyfirebreaker.com/ is a sustainable building and environmental solutions firm headquartered in San Diego, California. MFH has one California Lumber Facility operating under an audited quality assurance program producing Class A lumber. Fire protection provided by this licensee’s product is supported by a TER Report.

M-Fire Holdings, LLC patented products and services include:

  • Environmentally safe Class-A fire protection to wood-framed and mass-timber buildings and wildfire defense
  • Proactively engineered wildfire breaks. Video of wildfire protection: YouTube: MFB Wildfire Defense
  • Fire protection barriers to protect homes in the wildland urban interface. 
  • Proactive Home Wildfire Defense Systems™

Contact Information:
[email protected]

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