Ran Out Of Yoghurt For Baking? Try These 5 Fantastic Substitutes

Ran Out Of Yoghurt For Baking? Try These 5 Fantastic Substitutes

Baking is not as easy as it seems. From accurately measuring the ingredients to folding the batter the correct way and finally allowing it to bake in the oven, there’s a lot that goes into making perfectly baked goods. And to make them effortlessly, there are certain essential ingredients that all avid bakers stock in their pantry at all times. One such ingredient is yoghurt. You must have come across several recipes that require you to add some amount of yoghurt. But have you ever wondered why? Well, it’s because it helps add a light and fluffy texture to the baked items. Since yoghurt is used so extensively in the kitchen, we may run out of it easily too. In such situations, substitutes come to our rescue! They may not provide you with 100% satisfaction, but they will certainly save all your efforts from going down the drain. Here are some yoghurt alternatives that you can depend on:
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Here Are 5 Best Yoghurt Substitutes For Baking:

1. Milk And Lemon Juice:

Milk and lemon juice are an excellent yoghurt substitute for baking. When mixed together, they are able to replicate the acidity and tangy flavour of yoghurt quite effortlessly. Your cake will just be as soft and fluffy as when you use yoghurt. Simply add a few drops of lemon juice to the milk and let it sit for a few minutes. Once it curdles, that’s when you know it’s ready and can be added to your batter.

2. Sour Cream:

Sour cream is naturally sour in taste, and this is exactly what we want when replacing yoghurt in a recipe. The texture of sour cream is also quite similar to that of yoghurt which makes it a fantastic substitute. If your recipe calls for 1 cup of yoghurt, replace it with an equal amount of sour cream. Sour cream will also help add moistness to your baked goods.

sour cream

3. Mashed Bananas:

If you’re looking for a dairy-free option for your recipe, consider using mashed bananas. They too contain some acidity and can help achieve the results we usually get from yoghurt. Additionally, they also act as a natural sweetener and add extra moisture. However, it’s important to note that using mashed bananas as a substitute is only beneficial when you’re fine with your baked goods having a banana flavour.

4. Almond Milk:

Almond milk is another great dairy-free and vegan substitute. Just like mashed bananas, it helps make your baked treats super soft and moist. Now, of course, almond milk doesn’t have the same texture or tangy flavour as yoghurt, which is why you may need to add lemon juice and something with a thick texture, such as Greek yoghurt, to achieve the desired results.
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5. Cream Cheese:

Cream cheese is what makes cheesecakes taste incredibly divine. But did you know it can also be used as a substitute for yoghurt in baking? The texture of cream cheese is quite similar to that of yoghurt, which is why it works as a wonderful substitute. You need not worry about adding any additional ingredient for tanginess while using it, as cream cheese by itself is slightly tangy in flavour.

Now that you know of these substitutes, use them in emergency situations and save your baked goods from going to waste.

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