Royal family braces for impact as Prince Harry plans to ‘shake things up’

Royal family braces for impact as Prince Harry plans to ‘shake things up’

Prince Harry reportedly has plans to ‘shake things up’ ahead of Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

Commenting on the Duke of Sussex’s upcoming activities, Daniela Elser, while writing for, said that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s recent public appearances was a major indicator of the pair planning for a major comeback.

“The only two explanations I can come up with: Maybe they are just high on life and have finally found a good babysitter,” she said.

Mentioning about the pair’s appearances at Beyonce’s concert and a football match, the royal commentator said that the Duke Sussex, in particular, likely planned on making waves against the backdrop of some crucial events for the royal family.

“Maybe this sudden return to the spotlight has something to do with the coming events of this week which will see the Team Sussex ratchet things up, jiggle all the knobs to 11 and go into overdrive as they find their careers and brand at a serious crossroads,” she elaborated.

She went on to issue a warning that it was likely that Prince Harry would continue to appear in the public in hopes to be accepted. 

“Prepare yourself for a lot more of the duke because the former working HRH is about to return to the fore with gusto.”

This comes after Prince Harry is due arrive in the UK for the WellChild Awards to deliver a speech just hours before the country marks the first death anniversary of his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II.

Later on, he is scheduled to touchdown in Germany to the wildly successful Invictus Games. 

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