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Sebastian Vettel Reveals What “Annoys” Him About Technology – Essentially Sports

Sebastian Vettel Reveals What “Annoys” Him About Technology - Essentially Sports

Sebastian Vettel probably isn’t the most tech-savvy driver on the grid. He owns the latest iPhone but isn’t the biggest fan of rapidly changing technology, which is modernizing our approach to daily activities.

Vettel prefers the old-school style and doesn’t shy away from doing things the ‘old fashioned way’. The 4-time World Champion opened up on what he likes and dislikes about present-day gizmos and gadgets.

It makes it complicated: Sebastian Vettel on technology

While the world has moved on to texts and emails as a standard form of communication, Vettel prefers writing over tapping away on a screen or keyboard. The German admitted that he likes handwritten letters, which adds a personal touch.

Speaking to Lawrence Barretto on F1.com, Vettel said, “I’m quite a fan of the written word. I get the whole point of emails, but I think the actual letter is very nice and very personal.”

Moreover, Vettel believes technology today plays the role of a ‘time stealer’ rather than a ‘time saver’. The German acknowledged the convenience aspect of modern technology but highlighted the stress caused by the same.

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“A lot of the stuff is designed to actually steal your time to get you hooked. It annoys me, so I’m not a fan of that. Ultimately, there is no solution, there is only yourself, and your behavior with the tools you have and the funny thing is that a lot of the stuff is designed to make life simpler and give you more time, but it actually does the opposite, it makes it complicated.

“It speeds up life in areas where it shouldn’t and that’s not good for us, for the bigger picture, for our stress and our health,” said Vettel.

The fact that Vettel maintains such an honest outlook towards life is what makes him stand out as a Formula 1 driver.

The German phenom has endured a difficult start to his British Grand Prix weekend so far. He starts the race in P10, following a lackluster qualifying session on Saturday.

Hopefully, the German can make amends and redeem himself when the lights go out in a few hours’ time.

SOURCE- F1.com

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