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Small business owner desperate for help – KOLO


PALOMINO VALLEY, Nev. (KOLO) — Many small business owners are stressed out especially those that rely on travel because it’s not likely to come back for a long time.

Owner of K9 BnB Sally Armstrong says she’s living on borrowed money from friends and is struggling to file for pandemic unemployment assistance through the State of Nevada because she says the online application system asks questions self-employed workers can’t accurately answer.

Sally Armstrong owns and operates K9 BnB from her Palomino Valley home about a 25 mile drive north on Pyramid Highway from I-80.

“What do you love most about boarding dogs?” asked KOLO 8 Evening Anchor, Noah Bond.

“Well I love dogs and I love taking care of them and I need to make the money so naturally that seemed like a good choice,” said Armstrong.

She says she opened K9 BnB in her home 10 years ago after her divorce to pay the bills.

“I have a baby monitor on them at night. I sleep right above here,” Armstrong said pointing to the second floor of her home.

She lost nearly all her business the third week in March, about a two months and a week ago, when most people were forced to cancel their trips.

She tried to get a loan.

“They basically said don’t call us, we’ll call you and of course they probably ran out of money,” Armstrong.

Her mortgage and car payments are on hold and she did get her stimulus check.

Bond asked if she has received any other major business to her boarding facility or payments from the government. “Other than that nothing. Absolutely nothing. If it wasn’t for some of these
businesses giving me a break on my payments I don’t know what I would be doing,” Armstrong.

“It’s clear to me that COVID-19 has had a negative impact on your business. How are you doing financially now?” Bond.

“I’m basically already out of money,” Armstrong.

“What are you doing now to pay your bills?” Bond.

“I have gotten a little bit of a bail out from some friends that are trying to help me out and I’ll pay them back,” Armstrong.

She signed up for pandemic unemployment assistance as soon as it was set up in the State of Nevada through the Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation (DETR).

She says the online applications system has problems.

“It’s not really set up for self-employed. I don’t know how to answer the questions they’re asking because they don’t really apply to the self-employed,” Armstmrong.

“Has that been corrected?” Bond.

“No,” Armstrong.

The problems were first discovered by other applicants when the system was launched May 16, which is now eight days ago.

Armstrong called DETR for help.

“I was talking to them for maybe four or five minutes and then all of a sudden it cut off,” Armstrong.

She says she called and talked with a second person. “That person was so tired they could barely talk and I felt really bad for that person and we kind of got cut off again,” Armstrong.

She says she talked with a third person. “Just as she lifted up the phone to answer it, I was on hold for awhile, her system crashed so I never did get all my questions answered and kind of have been doing it from the seat of my pants,” Armstrong said.

“What is one message you want to send to Gov. Sisolak and to DETR?” Bond.

“It seems to me that somebody put the system together that doesn’t really understand what it’s like to be self-employed or what questions you really need to ask,” Armstrong.

She says after hours of work and effort she’s not sure if she successfully filed her application for pandemic unemployment assistance and with no income she says she doesn’t know where else to turn.

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