Sofia Vergara living her life to fullest after divorce

Sofia Vergara living her life to fullest after divorce

Sofia Vergara living her life to fullest after divorce

After splitting from Joe Manganiello, actress Sofia Vergara doesn’t appear to be having any trouble adjusting to being single.

According to insiders close to her, the Modern Family star’s frequent appearances out partying since the separation indicate a change in her lifestyle.

“She’s out every night, or so it seems, and enjoying the cocktails and the attention,” a source told Radar Online.

“She’s living it up like she just got out of prison.”

“Sofía’s always loved going out, and now that Joe’s not waiting at home, she can stay out as late as she wants without upsetting anyone.

“She loves letting her hair down and having fun with her friends and her family.”

The source explains that this marks a significant departure from her recent lifestyle.

“She knew Joe doesn’t like to go out and she wanted to be with him and make him happy,” the source added.

“It was definitely a change from the lifestyle she was used to.”

“She doesn’t regret it — they had a lot of happy times — but now that they’re no longer together, there’s a part of her that feels like she’s making up for lost time. She’s a little bit like a kid in a candy store right now.”

Vergara and Manganiello were known as a charming couple, and their wedding became one of the most talked-about events of 2015.

However, their relationship started to show signs of trouble in 2022. They were spotted arguing in public on several occasions, and rumors began to circulate that they were having marital issues.

In July of 2023, Vergara and Manganiello announced their separation.

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