How to celebrate Thanksgiving with a small gathering?

Greetings, my fellow Thanksgiving revelers. As we navigate through these unprecedented times, it’s important to adjust our traditions to ensure the safety and well-being of our loved ones. This year, I encourage you to celebrate Thanksgiving with a small gathering in an intimate setting. This blog post will provide valuable insights on how to plan, prepare, and execute a memorable Thanksgiving feast while avoiding potential health risks associated with larger gatherings.

Planning Your Small Gathering

To ensure a successful Thanksgiving celebration with a small group, it’s important to plan ahead and consider a few key details to make the event memorable and enjoyable for everyone.

Choosing the Right Date and Time

When planning your small Thanksgiving gathering, carefully consider the date and time that works best for you and your guests. Thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, but you might need to coordinate with your guests to find a time that works for everyone. Keep in mind that traveling on holidays can be hectic and stressful, so consider hosting your gathering at a time that allows for easy travel, or even a virtual option for those who can’t attend in person.

Creating a Festive Atmosphere

Setting the right atmosphere is crucial for a successful Thanksgiving celebration. To create a festive and welcoming environment, consider decorating your space with fall-themed d├ęcor, such as pumpkins, autumn leaves, and candles. Adding some soft background music can also help set the mood. Additionally, incorporating traditional Thanksgiving scents such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove can invoke feelings of warmth and nostalgia.

The Thanksgiving Menu

Assuming you are celebrating Thanksgiving with a small gathering, it’s important to plan a delicious and well-balanced menu that caters to a smaller group. This will ensure that everyone gets to enjoy a variety of dishes without overwhelming your kitchen with too many recipes.

Selecting Dishes for a Small Group

When planning a Thanksgiving menu for a small group, I recommend choosing a few staple dishes that everyone loves. Stick to classics like roast turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, and a seasonal salad. You can also add a couple of side dishes or desserts of your choice, but keep it simple to avoid wastage.

Tips for Cooking and Presentation

When cooking for a small Thanksgiving gathering, I find that prepping ingredients in advance helps save time and reduces stress on the day of the celebration. I also recommend considering the presentation of your dishes. Serve them in individual portions or small platters to make the meal feel more intimate and festive.

  • Prep in advance: Plan and prepare whatever you can ahead of time to avoid being overwhelmed on the day of Thanksgiving.
  • Use seasonal ingredients: Incorporate seasonal produce and flavors in your dishes to give them a festive touch.
  • Keep it simple: Focus on a few well-executed dishes rather than trying to do too much.
  • Thou: Engage your guests in the process by asking them to help with little tasks in the kitchen or setting the table.

Activities and Entertainment

After enjoying a delicious Thanksgiving meal with your small gathering, it’s time to think about activities and entertainment to keep everyone engaged and entertained. Whether you are celebrating with family or close friends, there are plenty of options to choose from to make the day memorable and enjoyable for everyone.

Games and Activities Suitable for Small Groups

When it comes to games and activities for a small Thanksgiving gathering, it’s important to choose options that are suitable for the size of your group. Classic board games like Scrabble, Pictionary, or Monopoly can be a great option for some friendly competition. You can also organize a trivia quiz related to Thanksgiving or play charades for some lighthearted fun. If the weather permits, outdoor activities such as a friendly game of touch football or a nature walk can also be enjoyable for everyone.

Incorporating Gratitude and Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the things we are grateful for, and incorporating gratitude into your small gathering can add depth and meaning to the celebration. Consider setting up a gratitude jar where everyone can write down something they are thankful for and share it with the group. Another idea is to go around the table and have each person share a specific thing they are grateful for. This can help foster a sense of closeness and appreciation among your guests.

Making It Special

However, just because you have a small gathering for Thanksgiving doesn’t mean it can’t be special. In fact, a more intimate celebration can often be even more meaningful and memorable. By putting in a little extra effort, you can create a warm and festive atmosphere that will make your guests feel cherished and thankful.

Personalizing Your Celebration

When planning your small Thanksgiving gathering, don’t be afraid to add personal touches that reflect your own style and the things you and your guests love. Whether it’s a unique centerpiece that you made yourself, special place settings with handwritten name cards, or a personalized menu featuring your family’s favorite dishes, these little details can make a big impact and show your guests how much you care.

Creating Lasting Memories

One of the best ways to make your small gathering special is by creating lasting memories. Consider incorporating fun activities or traditions that everyone can participate in, such as going around the table and sharing what you’re grateful for, playing games, or taking a group photo to commemorate the occasion. These moments of connection and joy will be what your guests remember most about the day and will leave them feeling grateful and cherished.


Presently, celebrating Thanksgiving with a small gathering can be just as meaningful and special as a larger affair. By focusing on creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere, preparing a delicious meal, and reflecting on gratitude, you can still have a memorable and enjoyable holiday. Remember to involve everyone in the festivities and cherish the time spent with loved ones, no matter the size of the gathering. Embrace the opportunity to create new traditions and memories that will make the occasion unforgettable for years to come.


Q: How can I celebrate Thanksgiving with a small gathering?

A: To celebrate Thanksgiving with a small gathering, consider hosting an intimate dinner with close family and friends. You can also organize a potluck where each person brings a dish, or plan a picnic-style meal outdoors. Tailor the celebration to your group’s preferences and comfort levels.

Q: What are some ideas for activities during a small gathering for Thanksgiving?

A: For a small Thanksgiving gathering, consider activities such as playing board games, watching Thanksgiving-themed movies, or organizing a festive craft session. Additionally, you can plan a nature walk or a group exercise activity to encourage movement and socializing.

Q: How can I create a memorable Thanksgiving experience for a small group?

A: To create a memorable Thanksgiving experience for a small group, focus on personal touches and meaningful connections. Consider sharing stories of gratitude and appreciation, incorporating special family traditions, and creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, consider capturing the moments with photos or videos to cherish the memories in the future.