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Back in June, Apple announced a recall program for the MacBook Pro after discovering that some units come with bad batteries potentially posing a fire hazard.

And while the company recommends everyone to check out the official recall website to determine if their MacBook Pro units come with a bad battery or not, Steve Gagne of Pensacole, Florida knows for sure that his laptop was indeed suffering from this issue.

Pretty much because his 15-inch MacBook Pro exploded only a few days before Apple announced the recall program.

The laptop was unplugged

Gagne explains in a post on Facebook that his MacBook Pro was unplugged with the screen closed and running in sleep mode.

“The battery in my #MacBookPro blew and a small fire filled my house with smoke,” the man explains, emphasizing that the fire could have burned his house down if the laptop wasn’t on the coffee table.

“Normally I keep my MacBook either on my couch or in a basket with notebooks, journals, etc. Thankfully, I uncharacteristically left it on my coffee table, and I really believe that this prevented my house from burning down.”

Needless to say, Apple hasn’t responded to the incident, but given a recall program is already under way, the Cupertino-based tech giant is very likely to replace the exploded laptop.

Apple says that only “a limited number” of MacBook Pro come with a battery that can overheat, and the affected units were sold between September 2015 and February 2017.

To check if your laptop is affected or not, you should visit the page linked above and then submit your serial number for verification. If the device is indeed equipped with a faulty battery, you can visit the nearest Apple Store for a free battery replacement.

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