Your Glassware Lost All Shine? Fret Not! 5 Easy Techniques To Clean Them Up

Your Glassware Lost All Shine? Fret Not! 5 Easy Techniques To Clean Them Up

Clean, chic, and sparkling glassware can brighten up your dining setup at any given point. But that very glass can ruin the vibe with hard cloud-like stains on it. You will often find your glassware having spots on it, which do not go with regular wash. This occurs due to two major reasons – either hard-water minerals are creating a film build-up or your dishwasher has permanently etched the glass. Fret not! We have got your back. Fortunately, there are various amazing techniques that can bring back the shine and make the glass look brand new. Today, we got you some of those smart hacks that you can easily follow at home. Read on for details.
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Here Are 5 Easy Techniques To Clean Up Glassware:

1. Soak in white vinegar:

Soak your glassware for five to seven minutes in white vinegar. The acid in the vinegar helps dissolve the hard water minerals easily. Once done, rinse it under running water and rub it dry with a clean cloth.

2. Rub baking soda:

It also helps eliminate the cloud marks on the glass. Dab some baking soda on the glass with your fingertips and rub gently. Be gentle with the process as baking soda is mildly abrasive and may lead to scratches. Make sure, you add some water to the baking soda before rubbing it on your glassware.

3. Use newspaper:

This age-old method can be quite effective, given it’s not coloured. The black prints on the paper help reduce the minerals and absorb the stains. Soak the paper in water and rub gently. Finally, end with using a dry cloth to clean the glass.

4. Soak in hot water:

Hard stains can also be removed with hot water. Soak the glass in hot water and gently scrub it with clean glass. Pat it dry.

5. Clean with lime juice and baking soda solution:

You can use lime water instead of vinegar. Prepare a solution with lime juice, baking soda, and hot water and clean it well. The acid of lemon helps dissolve the minerals and baking soda works as a mild scrubbing agent.

Bonus Tip: How To Remove The Stain Of Label On Your Glassware:

You will often find the sticky labels ruining the look of your glassware. It also gets hard to tear it off. So, what do you do then? Start with soaking the glass in warm water and keep until the water cools down. Then, gently peel off the label and rub it with a cloth. Finally, wash the glass with a dishwashing gel or bar and your glass is good to go!
Try these tips and make your glassware shine on the dining table!

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